Our Story

The All American Steakhouse & Sports Theater opened its doors at their flagship store on November 25, 2003 in Edgewater, Maryland. The All American Steakhouse & Sports Theater is a family–friendly casual dining steakhouse providing good-old fashioned, friendly service, while serving high-quality food, featuring dry-aged steaks, hand-cut by our in-house butchers, and all of this in a fun, energetic, sports themed atmosphere.


Quite simply, we would not be in business without our valued guests.

We believe we should serve the highest quality food at a good value with service that makes our guests, when they leave, want to come back.

We never take our guests for granted. Any guest who is not 100% satisfied will have a table visit from the manager, who will personally make sure any problem is corrected.

Now more than ever, with the great popularity of social media today, we need to ensure our guests leave happier than when they came in to our restaurants.

We are famous for our wet and dry-aged steaks that are hand-cut by our in house professional butchers.

Our steaks are wet aged on average 45 to 70 days, cut and then dry-aged for another 5 to 7 days. This extensive aging process is what separates us from our competition. We have been described as serving a “Ruth’s Chris” steak at an “Outback” price. In addition to our signature steaks, we serve baby back ribs, fresh salads, chicken, seafood, fajitas, and we even have two pasta dishes. Prices range on entrees from $9.99 to $29.00 for our 22 oz. T-bone steak. We make our dishes from scratch using the best ingredients. It’s the little details that keep the guests returning, from grilling a lemon to be squeezed on a fresh grilled fish, to making our brownies for our signature dessert, the Brownie Sundae.

George Jones and Brock Anderson are restaurant industry veterans with 70 years of combined experience. Both men have worked for major chain restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s, and Steak and Ale, as well as for Dave & Buster’s where they met and first worked together. Jones started his food industry career working as a short-order cook while attending the University of Delaware, eventually becoming a manager partner for the Outback Steakhouse and its Proprietor of the Year in 1995. While at Dave & Buster’s, Jones was promoted to regional operations director for the Northeast.

Anderson began helping at his parents’ restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, at age four and eventually went on to become a general manager with Steak and Ale—one of the youngest ever to be promoted to that position. During Anderson’s tenure with Dave & Buster’s, he was the only individual to have served as regional operations director in every one of their regions.

As regional operations directors at Dave & Buster’s, Anderson and Jones each oversaw units that together generated more than $65 million in revenues, with some 100 salaried managers and approximately 2,500 employees. It was at this time that the two men realized they had complementary business philosophies as well as a similar interest in starting their own restaurant organization with a shared vision on how they wanted that company run.